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The Exquadra Tower by Exquadra Inc. is a 38-storey building that aims to provide comfortable and luxurious work spaces for local and international companies and corporations. As a LEED Platinum Certified for Core & Shell, the Exquadra Tower offers a variety of innovative and technologically advanced features and facilities that gear towards productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. One of its main features include top-of-the-line destination control elevators and turnstiles that are aimed to prevent the build-up of elevator traffic while also controlling the security and accessibility of offices. The building is also one of the first in the Philippines to feature high efficiency magnetic levitation chillers that allow for major savings on overall energy consumption. 

Form meets function in the Exquadra Tower as it was beautifully designed by world class architectural firm Arquitectonica based in Miami, Florida, USA - pushing boundaries in property development in the country. Exquadra Tower was completed in 2020. 

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